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William Collis graduated from Amherst College cum laude and Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar. After working for BCG and Hasbro, William co-founded Gamer Sensei, raising $6M in venture capital before selling the business in 2018. William is currently co-owner and co-founder of Oxygen Esports, a diversified gaming consortium that includes the esports pro team OXG, the data analytics company Genji Analytics, and the LAN center chain Helix Esports.

William is the subject of the forthcoming Harvard Business School cases Choosing the Right Esports Business Model and Oxygen Esports, and co-author of award-winning Harvard Business School case: One Game to Rule Them All. His definitive book on competitive gaming, The Book of Esports, was published by Rosetta Books in August of 2020. William is also co-host and co-founder of the popular Business of Esports podcast.


Almost overnight, esports or competitive video games have exploded into one of the largest entertainment and sporting phenomenon in human history. THE BOOK OF ESPORTS, by author WILLIAM COLLIS, is the definitive guide to our brave new world of competitive gaming. Already, THE BOOK OF ESPORTS is being taught at colleges around the United States, and is the subject of both a forthcoming TED Talk and a Harvard Business School case study.

Whether you are a lifelong gamer, a curious Fortnite parent, or a businessperson seeking to understand the marketing opportunities of this multibillion-dollar phenomenon, THE BOOK OF ESPORTS charts the rise of this exciting new industry, for the first time ever crafting a comprehensive overview of esports and its implications for human competition—and even the future of humanity itself.

The Book of Esports answers:
– What exactly are esports, and how did they become so popular so quickly?
– How do you create a billion dollar esports business? What strategic choices drive success in the modern gaming industry?
– Why did blockbuster video games like League of Legends, Fortnite and Starcraft succeed?
– Where exactly is all this video gaming headed? What is the future of esports, and what does it mean for your business?

THE BOOK OF ESPORTS is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon. You can also learn more at www.williamcollis.com.