Markus Zinnbauer, Ph.D.

Senior Partner

Passionate about unlocking growth opportunities through rich, data-driven customer insights, Markus Zinnbauer leads Vivaldi’s global data and analytics practice. He brings a unique combination of strategic and data-driven acumen with deep and practical modern marketing expertise. He enjoys getting immersed in new challenges quickly and forming a clear strategic perspective to drive client’s  growth, innovation and change.

Markus’s has supported many clients who are leading players in the industrial, technology, and utility sectors define their brand strategy, optimize their marketing organization, and identify new innovative offerings and business models. With especial expertise in quantitative marketing, he also helps clients manage their brand equity, optimize marketing spend, identify customer segments, evaluate their customer journey, and evaluate the NPV of an innovative portfolio.

During his career, he has supported blue chips, such as Abbott, E.ON, Hyundai, Telekom, VW, as well as a broad range of hidden champions like Hypertherm, SES, SThree and Wacom.

Markus studied business administration at LMU Munich and M.I.T. and holds a Ph.D. from LMU’s Munich School of Management. He is a regular speaker at conferences and author of articles in national and international journals.

On the weekends, he loves firing up the BBQ or cooking for friends. Whenever the weather permits, he enjoys cycling or hiking the Alps.

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Markus Zinnbauer, Ph.D. - Vivaldi Senior Partner

Challenges taken on recently

  • Unifying and defining the post-merger marketing organization and brand portfolio of one of the largest energy providers
  • Rejuvenating the go-to-market approach of a global nutrition brand to successfully attract Gen Z audiences
  • Creating a new mobile-first learning solution for a leading publishing house

Likes to talk about

  • How businesses can untap opportunities in their ecosystem
  • Why customer centricity remains a challenge for most
  • Any great indie artists, even better new finds

Is reading or listening to

  • “Business Recoded” by Peter Fisk
  • “Risk Savvy: How to Make Good Decisions” by Gerd Gigerenzer
  • “Search Inside Yourself” by Chade-Meng Tan