Lee Powney

Senior Partner

Lee works with global businesses to identify and capitalize on new opportunities for growth. Lee possesses an enviable breadth of experience across brand strategy, business models, and product and service innovation engagements with clients over the last 18 years. He has developed unique methodologies and tools to help organizations tackle discontinuous innovation challenges and leverage cultural trends, as well as established compelling human-centered processes for concept validation and experimentation.

Lee has worked across B2C & B2B technology, hospitality and travel, FMCG, and automotive markets. Recently, he has been responsible for developing a new global process for translating brand positioning into differentiated physical and digital experiences for Marriott International’s 30 brands. He’s also developed BP’s global positioning strategy for its electric vehicle offerings.

Working heavily within the mobile industry, Lee consulted on developer marketing strategy for Microsoft, helping to create a suite of products and services designed to support developers with better business model and revenue planning tools. Within the mobile industry, Lee worked on developing new device and service concepts to strengthen client ecosystems and improve consumer experiences across IoT, music streaming, smartwatches, personal navigation, and accessories.

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Lee Pownery - Vivaldi Senior Partner

Challenges taken on recently

  • Creating a global experience strategy for Marriott International’s Sheraton brand
  • Creating a global positioning strategy for BP in the electric vehicles market
  • Training HP Inc. on lean methods in innovation

Likes to talk about

  • Innovation
  • Consumer tech
  • Rugby, Cricket, Wolverhampton Wonderers F.C.

Is reading or listening to

  • “Platform Revolution” by Geoffrey G. Parker
  • “Creativity, Inc.” by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace
  • “Be Less Zombie” by Elvin Turner