Transforming Wealth Management with Vivaldi’s Customer-Centric Approach

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A New Era For Investors and Advisors

Founded in 2017, CapIntel, a Canadian fintech company, has been on a mission to streamline the customer experience of working with wealth management firms. By providing a platform for financial advisors and wholesalers to easily create investment proposals, CapIntel is bringing innovation to the wealth management category. Aware that more young investors are entering the market and expecting digital tools, versus one-size fits all PDF presentations, CapIntel enlisted Vivaldi to help reach their goal of better understanding and serving the needs of current and future customers.

Building Confidence With OMNI

For CapIntel to provide something truly different in the market, they sought to launch a new, holistic and web-optimized proposal experience that could be quickly tailored by advisors and easily digestible for retail investors, saving valuable time and effort.

To gain insight into the category dynamics, Vivaldi conducted in-depth exploratory interviews with both individual investors and financial advisors to develop a deeper understanding of the ideal financial advisor selection experience. Vivaldi assessed key drivers, goals, unmet needs and pain points of major investor segments to uncover the hierarchy of core functional needs and emotional territories influencing how and why investors work with financial advisors — namely the role trust and confidence play in their decision-making.  These insights were codified into robust personas to represent every distinct investor persona to improve targeting and product innovation.

In addition, Vivaldi further leveraged the customer research to create Experience Principles that served as the foundation for how the investor experience should come to life for the brand. Experience principles enabled a collaborative ideation for new products, features, and digital experience that should be prioritized on their product roadmap to define the ideal financial advisor experience of the future. We created testable prototypes for the top features and performed user testing with investors to validate and refine the features to determine what the product team should prioritize building out moving forward to drive overall product performance. As a result of Vivaldi’s work, CapIntel was better positioned to create best-in-class products and experiences to empower the relationship with their customers.