Larry Lucas

Senior Partner

Larry carries with him a rare combination of extensive line management and consulting experience, thanks to a diverse background spanning more than 30 years that includes leadership roles in global brand management, brand and business model transformation, and organization capability building initiatives. With specific expertise in strategic planning, portfolio strategy and architecture, and strategic marketing development to ensure teams are set up for success, Larry's focus today is on the new era of brand building, one where platform economics will impact all of us. He strongly believes every product, business and brand today that can be a platform in the future will become one.

Larry has led numerous global client engagements across multiple industry sectors including being a strategic advisor to Brunswick Marine, collaborating on the three-year growth strategy for multiple food and beverage companies, and driving the front-end discovery and innovation inspiration for a leading pharmaceutical company. He has recently had the opportunity to work with American Express, Goodyear, and Anheuser-Busch.

Larry began his career at Clairol/P&G and as Group Brand Director, led the resurgence of the Herbal Essences® hair/skincare franchise before jumping headfirst into consulting to help others transform their global brands and businesses.

When he is outside of the office or not with clients, you can find Larry on the golf courses or the beaches of North Carolina spending time with his family and friends.

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Larry Lucas - Vivaldi Senior Partner

Challenges taken on recently

  • Guided an iconic beer brand to purposefully expand and go to market as a franchise portfolio
  • Created the vision and strategy for an RV manufacturer to be the center of the RV lifestyle ecosystem
  • Transformed the go-to-market growth strategy for a leading financial services B2B payment solutions portfolio

Likes to talk about

  • Making your brand the face of your business strategy
  • How to create value for everyone in the ecosystem
  • Best scuba diving on the planet

Is reading or listening to

  • Authentic Leadership (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)
  • Bloomberg Digital Podcasts
  • “Origin” by Dan Brown