Pfizer’s Digital Leap for Enhanced Healthcare

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The Challenge

Pfizer and the U.K. government's City Deal sought to transform Swansea into a Life Sciences and Digital Innovation hub. Teaming up with Pfizer, Vivaldi crafted a digital solution connecting healthcare providers, policymakers, and patients, fostering behavior changes and interactions for better health outcomes.

The Opportunity

With the goal to build an interaction-focused ecosystem with a scalable digital solution, Vivaldi and Pfizer developed five platform concepts through market analysis and ecosystem understanding, to enhance the ecosystem for individual patients and the broader UK and global markets along with defining key areas for improvement.

The Outcome

Vivaldi's data-driven platform strategy, backed by research, stakeholder input, and rigorous testing, provided Pfizer with a strong business case and actionable roadmap. This positioned Pfizer to advance patient outcomes, support the National Health Service's sustainability, and nurture the UK's life sciences industry.

Prescribing Progress: Pfizer’s Digital Ecosystem

Pfizer is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, focused on research, development, and innovation. Their commitment to discovering breakthrough treatments and therapies informs their mission to improve health outcomes for patients worldwide.

Pfizer, in collaboration with the U.K. government-funded City Deal, sought to support the Welsh city of Swansea in becoming a hub for Life Sciences and Digital Innovation. To do this, they would need to create a cohesive digital ecosystem that could connect healthcare providers, policymakers, and patients. Recognizing the need for specialized expertise in strategic innovation and digital solutions, Pfizer engaged Vivaldi to help develop and implement a scalable platform that would revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes on a broader scale.

Navigating The Digital Healthcare Landscape

To meet the objective of driving behavioral shifts and interactions that could positively impact health outcomes while enhancing healthcare efficiency, Vivaldi’s approach involved a comprehensive and systematic process to analyze the market landscape, understand ecosystem participants, and define key areas for improvement. Through a series of collaborative discussions, the team worked closely with Pfizer to develop five initial platform concepts. These concepts were formulated to address the identified challenges and opportunities, providing a solid framework for further exploration.

With the concepts in place, Vivaldi embarked on the craft phase, where the platform concepts were brought to life through use cases and storyboard prototypes. This participant-centric approach allowed for a deep understanding of the specific needs, pains, gains, and frustrations of Swansea residents in the healthcare domain. Through in-market ethnographic studies and persona development, Vivaldi gained qualitative insights and developed a nuanced understanding of the target users. This enabled the adaptation of the platform concepts to better suit their requirements and create a seamless user experience.

To ensure the viability and feasibility of the platform concepts, Vivaldi subjected them to rigorous testing. A six-dimensional qualitative evaluation was conducted, assessing market fit, technological development requirements, and the potential for scalability. Additionally, user testing of the storyboard prototypes provided invaluable feedback, measuring interest, consideration, value creation, participation, feasibility, and areas for improvement.

The outcome of Vivaldi’s work was a robust platform strategy backed by data-driven insights, stakeholder collaboration, and rigorous testing. This strategy provided Pfizer and its partners with a clear roadmap and compelling business case to pursue funding and drive impactful advancements in improving patient outcomes, enhancing health system efficiency, and facilitating sustainable growth in the UK and global markets.