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At Vivaldi, we put our client's success at the core of every interaction. We dive deep into your business - demand, culture, customers, and the ecosystem around you - to reimagine and realize the boundless growth opportunities for your company, product, and brand. Through innovative brand strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and business models and experiences, we enable companies and brands to grow and embrace an exponential tomorrow. Let's redefine success together.

In 1999, Vivaldi was born from the visionary mind of Erich Joachimsthaler, PhD.

As an acclaimed author, industry thought leader, and expert in strategy, innovation, and brand leadership, Dr. Joachimsthaler set the stage for a new era of transformative thinking and bold actions. With a vision to shape the future of businesses and brands, Vivaldi emerged as a pioneering force under his guidance. Dr. Joachimsthaler’s thought leadership and ambition for the future of business is why we are here, but it is our exceptional team that has brought his vision to life, driving us forward into the future of business and beyond.

Learn more about the remarkable individuals behind Vivaldi's success, who are driving innovation and transformation with unrivaled passion, expertise and dedication.

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The business landscape is rapidly changing, as new technologies emerge, customer expectations evolve, and competition intensifies. Today's economy no longer rewards incremental improvements, but instead demands transformative leaps forward. Established conventions have been rendered nearly obsolete.

To thrive today and tomorrow, businesses can no longer be bound by the confines of their categories, business models, and the old rules of competition. Brands must not only discover and act with real purpose, but also play an increasingly central role in people's lives, as well as improve society. This behooves leaders and companies to adopt the exponential mindset—reimagining core elements of their business and wholeheartedly embracing an interconnected approach to change.

At Vivaldi, we've harnessed this mindset and approach with five transformational pillars behind our reinvention model. Experience the power of enduring change with us.

Reinvention Model

  • Reframe your field of play

    Step into a new era of growth and possibilities. Break free from traditional boundaries and identify "Fields of Play" that transcend industries. Position yourself strategically for success in a rapidly changing landscape, embracing a brand value that thrives across human contexts, rising expectations, and shifting categories.

  • Reimagine how you create value

    Challenge conventions and embrace radical customer centricity to meet rapidly evolving human needs and expectations. Harness the capabilities of others and embrace creating shared value through platforms and ecosystems. Build a direct relationship with customers and end-users, maximizing frictionless interactions and trust.

  • Renew your core with technology

    Unlock boundless opportunities for your business with AI, other cutting-edge technologies, and dynamic data. Participate in valuable networks and ecosystems, harnessing new data to power core elements of your business. Build new tech-powered radical customer-centric capabilities and reshape value delivery for exponential growth.

  • Recharge your experimentation

    Embrace continuous experimentation and adaptable organizational models, leveraging emerging technology and data to drive swift and impactful change. Cultivate deeper consumer relationships, and fuel a perpetual cycle of testing and learning to power your business intelligence that drives dynamic and unstoppable growth.

  • Re-energize your leaders and people

    Cultivate a culture of innovation and continuous learning. Empower your team to be outcome-oriented for lasting success. Re-energize your workforce to embrace purpose and growth culture. Equip them with capabilities to embrace new mindsets and tech to thrive in this transformative landscape and become agents of progress.


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