Tori O’Connor


Tori is committed to understanding the shifting relationship between brands and consumers to help clients create engaging experiences for their customers that drive business impact. She loves to immerse herself in the world of the consumer, understanding how culture is influencing their behaviors and future expectations. 

During her time at Vivaldi, Tori has helped global brands unlock growth opportunities through uncovering key insights in her research that led to delivering added value to customers and growing brand recognition in highly competitive industries. She has crafted marketing assets for clients rooted in customers’ needs, and continuously developed product innovation concepts for leading CPG and beverage brands—including The Coca-Cola Company, Svedka, and Bud Light. Tori ensures design and creative execution is grounded in strategic insight, helping innovation concepts seamlessly move from ideation to being launched in market.    

Outside of the office, Tori loves to explore – whether it’s trying new restaurants in NYC, attending concerts to discover bands, or traveling to unfamiliar places, she’s eager to step outside her comfort zone and take on whatever comes her way. 

Tori earned her Bachelor’s from Vanderbilt University, majoring in Human & Organizational Development with a minor in Corporate Strategy.

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Tori O'Connor Vivaldi

Challenges taken on recently

  • Creating a product innovation pipeline for one of the world's largest alcohol brands that ensures the brand remains relevant with consumers and their changing expectations
  • Bringing together trends and consumer insights to define innovation platforms that inform and inspire future product development
  • Home DIY projects on a budget

Likes to talk about

  • How culture and consumer trends drive product innovation
  • Innovations in alcohol and the rise and fall of hard seltzer
  • Your favorite national parks and must-do hikes

Is reading or listening to

  • “Change By Design” by Tim Brown
  • “Collective Illusions” by Todd Rose
  • “Drive” by Daniel Pink