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Fluid Retail

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Empowering Samsung's Retail Transformation

Creating a retail strategy and a mobile customer experience to rival Apple.

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What we do

We partner with bold leadersto build the next generationof business, product and brand

Every day, we empower companies to embrace the boundless opportunities of tomorrow. We bridge the gap between strategy and ideas, plans and execution, and connect what's needed today with what's next.

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Brand, Technology & Beyond

Our core expertise is brand, but our client work spans beyond technology and digital. It extends beyond organizational silos, categories, and conventional approaches. We orchestrate interlocking systems of demand-led innovation and change—connecting bold strategies and ideas with seamless execution.

20+ years

For over two decades, we don't just follow, we lead, challenge, and pioneer. Our innovative frameworks and brand models redefine the game and set new standards for the industry. We pride ourselves on flawlessly blending art with science, strategy with human imagination, and the right technology with data.

About us

1000+ brands

At Vivaldi, we stand proud as a global force, collaborating with the world's most prominent companies and iconic brands. Our clients trust us as their partner in reinvention, being drawn to our powerful fusion of strategic consultancy rigor, design agency innovation prowess, and technology company's data mastery.

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