David Collis

Advisory Board Member

For the past thirty years David Collis has been a professor at the Harvard Business School, where he was only the second ever full-time Adjunct Professor appointed. Previously, he was the Thomas Henry Carroll Ford Foundation Adjunct Professor, the MBA Class of 1958 Senior Lecturer and an Associate Professor in the Strategy group at the Harvard Business School, having also completed five years as the Frederick Frank Adjunct Professor of International Business Administration at the Yale School of Management and two years as a professor at Columbia Business School.

The winner of the 50th Anniversary McKinsey Award for the best article in the Harvard Business Review in 2008, and a Harvard Business Review best-selling author, he is an expert on corporate strategy and global competition, and is the author of the recent books International Strategy: Context, Concepts and ChoicesCorporate Strategy (with Cynthia Montgomery); and Corporate Headquarters (with Michael Goold and David Young). Professor Collis is on the faculty for several HBS Executive Education programs, including Strategy: Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, and cochairs Building and Sustaining Value Across Markets. As the author of over thirty articles and book chapters, his work has been frequently published in the Harvard Business ReviewAcademy of Management JournalStrategic Management Journal, and in many books including Managing the Multibusiness CompanyInternational Competitiveness, and Beyond Free Trade. The over one hundred cases and articles he has authored have sold nearly 2.5 million copies, with over 14,000 citations.

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David Collis