Ask Vivaldi: Our New LinkedIn Live Event Series

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Get to know and ask questions to Vivaldi’s global brand and business leaders 

Join us for weekly conversations that range from, how brands can thrive in a COVID era, to the disruptors emerging in a virtual economy, to how companies are trailblazing a road towards commitment to sustainability. In our new LinkedIn Live series, our strategy consultants, creatives, and virtual problem solvers from around the world dive deep on topics core to business. Follow along on LinkedIn and get to know our team! 

Let us know what’s on your mind here and we might cover it on our next edition of “Ask Vivaldi.” 

Below find our past events: 

Past Events:

Thursday, October 15th – 11:00am EDT

  • Topic: Force of Attraction & Gravitational Pull
  • Questions: How can your marketing communications help you get your consumers to connect and associate with your brand on a deeper emotional level, resulting in valuable loyalty and advocacy?
  • Participants: Andrew Roberts & Stephen Firth

Tuesday, October 6th – 11:00am EDT

  • Topic: Trends in Communications Strategy
  • Questions: What can brands actually learn from the last 6 months to take forward into future communications strategy?
  • Participants: Jane Hovey, Kelly Dempsey, & Tallulah Dyer

Thursday, October 1st – 11:00am EDT

  • Topic: Securing Innovation Opportunities 
  • Questions: Why do so many businesses fail with their approach to innovation? How can businesses better leverage changes in culture & technology to improve innovation?
  • Participants: Lee Powney
  • Host: Dave Birss 

Thursday, August 20th – 9:30am EDT 

Tuesday, August 18th – 9:30am EDT 

  • Topic: Customer Centricity
  • Questions: What does customer-first approach mean in the platform economy? Why the quality is even more important than the quantity of interactions? 
  • Participants: Ben Kuenzle & Jennie Hoppe 
  • Host: Dave Birss 

Thursday, August 13th – 9:30am EDT  

  • Topic: Sources of Inspiration  
  • Questions: What disruptors are catching your attention? How has Fortnite changed the landscape of esports? Who are the leaders in adopting their business that relied on live interactions to virtual interactions? 
  • Participants: Tom Ajello
  • Host: Dave Birss 

Tuesday, August 11th – 9:30am EDT 

  • Topic: Rethinking Education 
  • Questions: How is Covid-19 changing the world of education? Are we seeing a rise of those people that are very good at self directed learning? 
  • Participants: Anne Olderog & Tracy Huser 
  • Host: Dave Birss 

Thursday, July 31st – 9:30am EDT

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events! 



  • Erich Joachimsthaler, Ph.D.
    Founder & CEO
    Erich Joachimsthaler, Ph.D.
  • Anne Olderog
    Senior Partner
    Anne Olderog
  • Thomas Ajello
    Senior Partner, Global Chief, Creative & Digital Officer
    Thomas Ajello
  • Tracy Huser
    Tracy Huser
  • Ben Kuenzle
    Ben Kuenzle
  • Christian Wank
    Christian Wank