Reinventing Leadership in the age of AI: A Leader’s Dilemma

a woman in a white shirt is holding a tablet and smiling

AI is disrupting entire industries – and is confronting us with big questions about how to lead organizations through change.

  • How do we innovate and transform organizations in the age of AI?
  • How do we collaborate not just with humans but also with AI?
  • How does leadership look in this new era and what will it take to succeed? How can we lead organizations through this time of redefining how we do work?
  • What are key leadership qualities and models of the future? What model is uniquely your own?
  • How do we begin to transform our organizations and leaders to prepare for this future?

Join a panel of industry and academic experts for a lively discussion on emerging leadership models, the future outlook for leadership – and what this might mean for your organization.


Caroline Hanke, SVP People and Culture, SAP Americas

Vildan Oenpeker Cerci, Global Strategic Projects, SVP consumer Brands/GM/CMO Henkel

Michelle Blieberg, CHRO, Global Holdings Management (former senior talent officer at WarnerMedia and UBS)

Eric Chen, Senior Vice President, North America Data and Analytics, IT and Business Services at Unilever


Anne Olderog, Senior Partner, Vivaldi

Prof. Annaloes Raes, IESE

Prof. Mike Rosenberg, IESE

5.15 pm Arrival and registration
5.30 pm Welcome and Opening: Leadership in the Age of AI
5.55 pm Panel of Industry experts
6.30 pm World Cafe and Reception: What are Implications for Your Organizations?