From Pipeline To Platform: Valet Living’s Path to Exponential Growth

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The Challenge

To achieve its goal of exponential growth in the years to come, Valet Waste had to shift to a new business model and build a strong, integrated brand that could capitalize on potential new business opportunities and them to live up to their full potential.

The Opportunity

To expand its offerings, Valet Waste had to lead a comprehensive brand transformation and make a bold shift in the company’s trajectory. The rebranding from Valet Waste to Valet Living, as a full-service amenities provider, set the stage for its next phase of growth.

The Outcome

This successful partnership established an innovative brand direction and accelerated the dramatic brand transformation of Valet Living. Aligning the new brand positioning, associated messaging, and visual identity closely with the needs and pain points of residents.

At Your Service

Valet Living, creator of the doorstep trash collection amenity in apartment communities across the United States, was no longer satisfied with its consistent year-over-year revenue generation. The company approached Vivaldi seeking exponential growth. The partnership started with a new brand strategy, a reworking of the brand architecture, and accelerated the shift to a new business model that will lead to exponential growth in the years to come.

Our partnership and work led to Valet Waste becoming Valet Living, announcing the company’s expansion in the fast growing market of services to multifamily residences. Valet Living’s brand identity effort marked a bold shift in the company’s trajectory, but the name and logo change were just the most visible part of a comprehensive transformation that the company underwent over the year-long partnership with Vivaldi.

The Tampa, FL based company, creator of the doorstep trash collection amenity for multifamily communities, had grown steadily since its founding in 1995. And while Valet Living originated as a doorstep trash collection business, it had begun expanding its offerings to provide additional services to property owners and managers.

Valet Living (then Valet Waste) approached Vivaldi in 2016 with the desire to go further and rebrand from a waste and recycling collection service to a full-service amenities provider, and needed a brand strategy that reflected its current offerings but also its future ambitions. We were enthusiastic to work with a company that was unsatisfied with linear growth, and eager to help Valet Living transform into a disruptive, platform model.

A New Approach to Amenities

To begin rethinking the next chapter in the brand’s development, the Vivaldi team worked with the CMO and key Valet Waste executives to establish a shared vision for the future. From there, the team defined a brand strategy that would allow the company to win in its current market as well as adjacent categories. Through determining Valet Waste’s distinguishing attributes, Vivaldi helped to crystalize the Valet Living name and brand architecture. The company’s new slogan, “Setting the Standard,” captured the essence of the brand as the company prepared to expand its business model and launch premium, resident-facing services.

After implementing the new brand, visual identity and associated messaging, Vivaldi and Valet Living quickly embarked on the game-changing effort of defining the user experience across the new services the company was preparing to launch. In this phase, Vivaldi designed persona-inspired journey maps to accurately understand residents’ needs and to better formulate the user experience within the context of their daily lives. After establishing best practices across services, Vivaldi surveyed hundreds of potential users across the United States to validate first-rate features for the services. As a result of these efforts, Valet Living’s new brand position and its appreciation of resident pain points aligns the brand well to enter into the full-service amenities market.

“This rebrand is more than just a name change for Valet Living. Working with Vivaldi truly accelerated a transformation within our company.”
— Patti Girardi, Chief Marketing Officer

Positioned for Growth

Driven by its desire to provide top quality support to residents in multifamily communities, Valet Living approached Vivaldi with aspirations of growing its business through a dramatic brand transformation. The innovative brand direction we developed together led to greater internal alignment, accelerating transformation within the organization.