Accelerating Growth: How We Reviewed A Car From A High-Speed Couch

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a man sitting on a blue couch wearing a jacket that says

The Opportunity

Vivaldi Group was dedicated to expose the Hyundai N in the most unique and special way possible. We collaborated with an award-winning presenter and a Hyundai Ambassador to be the face of this exposure.

Critics Couch

Traditional car tours are incredibly “static” – we might see a presenter next to a car, chatting about its styling, or sitting in the cabin talking us through gadgets and gizmos. The Hyundai N, however, was born to move, so an ordinary car tour wouldn’t show this rally-inspired car at its best.

Enter ‘Critic’s Couch’, the first car review ever filmed from the discomfort of a high-speed couch. We enlisted BAFTA award-winning presenter and Hyundai Ambassador, Jake Humphrey to strap in and see if he could keep up with the N, bringing the car features to life.

The campaign is live across all social and digital channels between March and April 2018.

Hyundai - Couch Critics