Sparking Urban Gardening with Scott’s Black Magic

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black magic instagram on phone

The Challenge

Scott’s focus on innovation set forth the establishment of a new compost, Black Magic. We needed to ensure that we could launch and position the brand in a relevant and appealing way to young UK gardeners that would connect and overcome any inertia the audience may have to branded communications.

The Opportunity

Our opportunity presented itself through engagement with the new younger audience on their terms through content that would resonate and add genuine value. Vivaldi was brought in to start building relationships with new audiences, informing them of the superior performance of Black Magic Premium compost.

The Outcome

The benefits that were reaped through this strategic partnership can be seen through the campaign generated views, the surpassing of benchmarks in engagement, and sales going off with a fast start. Black Magic is now successfully established within the Scotts brand portfolio in the UK.

Scotts Black Magic

People associate black magic with illegal substances, but it’s also great for growing plants in small spaces. We needed to launch this product in the UK while inspiring a young, urban audience to try it.

Working with micro-influencers, Michael Perry and Gothic Gardener, we created an Instagram channel from scratch, using their knowledge to build underground interest in Black Magic. They inspired the community by asking them to help grow tomorrow’s city and make the most of their small spaces.

With views and engagements in the hundreds of thousands, and people clicking to buy the product on Amazon, Michael Perry emerged as a break-out star, really resonating with the audience.

“Thanks For Making Gardening So Sexy.”
— Black Magic