Unleashing Hyundai’s Optimism Through Colour

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man looking up at blue background

The Challenge

Hyundai’s core values align with optimism and innovation, and they try to convey these through any possible medium; sometimes it is hard to establish the best possible way to ensure the communication is effective though. We needed to determine a unique, strategical, and proven line of attack.

The Opportunity

Our network was able to connect with a colour psychologist, Angela Wright, to discover, through an experiment, what colours have the most positive effect on participants. This examination of mental and physical reactions provided useful insights for Hyundai to use for their next product campaign.

The Outcome

Vivaldi Group and Hyundai connected successfully to strategically improve customer awareness of Hyundai. After the tactical campaign aired, the brand recall skyrocketed, and consumers were consciously and unconsciously recognizing Hyundai.

"Driven By Positivity"

Roads, cities, concrete jungles. Our grey, urban environment can have a negative effect on our wellbeing. Inspired by Hyundai’s optimistic outlook and passion for innovation, we set out to find a more positive colour to brighten people’s lives.

Working with colour psychologist, Angela Wright, we created a unique experiment – constructing a bespoke, colour control room. As our test subjects moved through the space, we monitored their mental and physical reactions to the changing colours via EEG head sensors, heart rate monitors and skin sensors. We discovered that one specific colour had a more positive effect on participants in the visible spectrum: R74 G27 B227 or ‘Cosmic Blue’ as named by our audience on social.

As a brand with low familiarity, the campaign’s aim was to improve awareness. And our results did just that. We achieved a very high effect on brand recall, with 84% remembering the brand in our prompted test. The film also drove top-of-mind unaided awareness with Hyundai being the first car brand that came to mind for 27% of viewers, compared to 3% in the control.

Hyundai - Driven By Positivity