Pioneering Patient-Centric Healthcare Solutions

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The Challenge

To support its mission to push science forward and better serve its patient customers, Takeda needed to build solutions across its brand portfolio. Vivaldi partnered with Takeda to identify new opportunity areas and build a winning category playbook and narrative.

The Opportunity

Vivaldi took on the challenge of positioning the company as an innovation leader by identifying key global opportunity areas and conducting a thorough analysis of the patient journey. This approach aimed to align potential solutions with the specific needs and expectations of consumers.

The Outcome

Vivaldi helped connect Takeda’s strategic pillars with a newly defined purpose to maximize the brand’s potential. Additionally, a model for the patient ecosystem was constructed to accompany a category playbook and narrative to showcase the future positive impact.

How does a 200-year-old company continue to innovate?

As one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Takeda is a multinational company focused on research and development to care for patients. Committed to innovating its offerings, pushing science forward, and serving its customers, Takeda wanted to build out in-market solutions across parts of its brand portfolio. Takeda brought on Vivaldi as a growth partner to help identify opportunity areas using cultural trends and to develop a category narrative to guide new solutions 

An Ecosystem for Healthier Living

With an aim to prioritize global opportunity areas and determine the most impactful innovation platforms for Takeda, Vivaldi’s work went through three phases, beginning with identifying relevant cultural trends and combining them with existing Takeda consumer research.   

Vivaldi analyzed the current patient journey, looking at the industry and culture through multiple lenses with a singular view on patient experience and expectations, and identified future challenges. Vivaldi highlighted six opportunity areas where Takeda could play a role in the future lives of patients.   

In phases two and three, global relevancy was assessed to prioritize key trends and determine the innovation platforms which would have the highest potential in making a positive impact in the lives of patients and caregivers.  

Through this, Vivaldi helped Takeda identify a broader purpose — enabling patients to live their fullest, healthiest lives. This translated into a potential model of how Takeda needed to reimagine the development of its patient ecosystem as well as an aspirational category narrative that brought this purpose to life across the broader health landscape. 

With a goal to refine Takeda’s category leadership strategy, Vivaldi connected Takeda’s pre-existing strategic pillars with thinking around purpose to stretch the conception of the brand’s potential. Vivaldi provided the support for the strategy and brand launch, preparing Takeda to make a positive impact.