Revamping Allianz’s Brand with Sitcom Style

  • Insurance
girls sitting in back seat of car

The Challenge

The quantified perception of worth of Allianz was lower than envisioned. To solidify its position as a leading car insurance company, we needed to target the consumers and display a relatable campaign.

The Outcome

This partnership enhanced the strategical approach of Allianz marketing and reinstated the brands’ equity through a successful campaign and bond with families and consumers.

"School Run Stories"

Allianz is one of the world’s leading insurers, but they have very little brand equity. We needed to connect with their audience in social, and create a campaign that communicated Allianz as a car insurance leader.

One of the worst times to be in the car is the school run. Traffic is slow and tensions are high, especially with the kids in the back. School Run Stories dramatised this key moment, bringing to life the trials and tribulations of ordinary families all over the UK with our sitcom style content.

Youtube rarely ask agencies ‘How did you do that?’ but with 75% of people watching the films all the way through (some of the best results they had ever seen), they couldn’t resist.

“The Results Are Some Of The Best That The YouTube Team Have Ever Seen.”
— Google