Customer-Centric Positioning: Adopting A Message That Values The Customers

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The Challenge

Facing industry changes and declining market expectations, Teradata needed to reposition themselves for sustained growth, modify their corporate culture, and improve communications with an evolving market. Vivaldi partnered with Teradata to transform their business, develop a more compelling brand presence, and navigate a new path toward success in a changing marketplace.

The Opportunity

Vivaldi worked to reveal Teradata’s growth potential, develop its customer-oriented values, and create messaging that would resonate with the market. By developing a compelling brand definition, a better connection with customers could be forged. Additionally, core values and principles were defined to guide behaviors and decision-making within the company.

The Outcome

By strategically partnering with Vivaldi, Teradata was about to revitalize their brand strategy, refine their messaging approach, and define customer-centric values that resonated. Teradata experienced a resurgence in market confidence and a renewed perception of value. Notably, Teradata's stock price increased by 57%, signaling market endorsement and the positive impact of the strategic initiatives.

Unleashing The Power Of Data Analytics

For over 40 years, Teradata has been a trusted provider of software analytics solutions, serving some of the world’s largest companies across various industries. With operations in 75 countries, Teradata generates and analyzes data to deliver actionable insights that help customers maximize business performance.

Despite its historical success, Teradata was experiencing significant challenges in a changing industry, facing low market expectations and a declining stock price, with shares losing over 65% of their value at one point. To address these issues, Teradata partnered with Vivaldi to position the company for growth, develop customer-centric values, attract top talent, and create meaningful market messaging.

Reimagining Teradata: A Strategic Journey to Drive Growth

Vivaldi adopted a strategic approach to address Teradata’s challenges and drive growth. Collaborating closely with Teradata’s leadership, Vivaldi embarked on a comprehensive process to revitalize the brand strategy. Through in-depth workshops and customer interviews, Vivaldi refined brand directions, focusing on reconnecting with customer segments that Teradata had inadvertently moved away from. This exercise resulted in a coherent and compelling brand definition that articulated the “what” and “how” of Teradata’s offerings in customer-facing language. Additionally, Vivaldi worked closely with Teradata to develop a set of core values and principles that would guide behaviors, influence decision-making, and foster a values-driven culture within the organization. These customer-centric values became the foundation for attracting top talent and resonating with target audiences. Finally, Vivaldi crafted a comprehensive messaging strategy, including defining an overarching message strategy and key messaging themes. By adapting the corporate messaging architecture into audience-specific messaging, Vivaldi ensured that Teradata could tell a consistent and powerful story, amplifying its brand presence and differentiation. The collaborative efforts of Teradata and Vivaldi resulted in a revitalized brand strategy, a values-driven culture, and tailored messaging that played a pivotal role in reconnecting with customers, attracting top talent, and driving positive outcomes for Teradata.

The revitalized brand positioning, values-driven culture, and tailored messaging enabled Teradata to reconnect with customers, attract top talent, and differentiate itself in the highly competitive software analytics industry, paving the way for continued growth and success. Notably, Teradata’s stock price increased by 57%, signaling market endorsement and the positive impact of the strategic initiatives.