Adapting to Changing Tides: Evolving Brand Image to Resonate with Shifting Customer Values

  • Food & Beverage

The Challenge

Schweppes, part of The Coca-Cola Company, faced the challenge of staying relevant in a post-Covid, hybrid working world and connecting with the evolving values, priorities, and attitudes of older adults (aged 30+). They needed to reflect new priorities and reconnect with the older adult demographic.

The Opportunity

With the help of Vivaldi, the Coca-Cola company conducted comprehensive global qualitative and quantitative research to define new adult segments and value systems as well identifying a new brand positioning that celebrated a fresh value system of balance, imperfection, and self-care.

The Outcome

Through extensive research and analysis, Vivaldi and Schweppes successfully developed a new brand positioning strategy, moving away from its outdated 'premium urban' expression to embrace a new positioning that resonated with the evolving priorities of an older demographic driving increased engagement and brand loyalty.

Savoring Success

Schweppes, a renowned brand under The Coca-Cola Company, sought to revitalize its brand positioning to align with the changing preferences of older adults in a post-Covid, hybrid working world. The brand had previously been perceived as an outdated ‘premium urban’ product, failing to resonate with the evolving value system of its target audience. To address this challenge and reconnect with the older adult demographic, Schweppes collaborated with Vivaldi to develop a new brand positioning strategy that would reflect the priorities of its audience and foster meaningful connections.

Tapping Into The Evolving Tastes Of Older Adults

Vivaldi’s approach involved conducting extensive global qualitative and quantitative research to understand the evolving values and preferences of older adults. This research helped define new adult segments and value systems, providing critical insights into the target audience’s changing needs. Additionally, trends research was conducted to gain an understanding of shifting expectations and personal priorities in the post-Covid era. Building on these insights, Vivaldi and The Coca-Cola Company developed several brand territories, eventually aligning on a new positioning strategy that celebrated a value system focused on balance, imperfection, and self-care. The new brand positioning allowed Schweppes to transition from its outdated expression and embrace a compelling identity that resonated with its audience’s new priorities, ensuring the brand’s relevance and resonance in the ever-changing marketplace.