Transforming Brand Identity: A Journey of Innovation, Sustainability, and Excellence

  • Healthcare
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The Challenge

Royal Philips Electronics faced the challenge of unbalanced growth in different market settings and intense competition in its sectors. They launched the Accelerate! Program with the intent of unlocking its full potential to become the preferred brand in health and well-being markets.

The Opportunity

With the help of Vivaldi, Philips saw the opportunity to redefine its brand strategy and direct its future path as an innovative technology leader. Together, they aimed to translate the Accelerate! Program into a compelling story that could be shared with all involved.

The Outcome

Vivaldi worked closely with Philips to formulate a strategic brand platform and a compelling story, resulting in a new vision, "Improving people's lives through meaningful innovation," with the claim "Innovation & You.” Which empowered Philips to effectively communicate its vision.

Illuminating A Vision For The Future

Royal Philips Electronics is a multinational company that operates across the health and well-being sectors. Philips Healthcare focuses on advanced healthcare solutions, Philips Consumer Lifestyle offers consumer experiences related to health and wellness, domestic appliances, and personal care, while Philips Lighting provides energy-efficient solutions and innovations in lighting technology.

With a matrix structure and operations in various markets, Philips partnered with Vivaldi and sought to address challenging competitive environments, unbalanced growth, and the need for strategic actions to achieve its vision.


Igniting Meaningful Innovation

Vivaldi collaborated with Philips to address the company’s strategic challenges and brand positioning. Leveraging existing quantitative data, secondary research sources, and expert interviews, Vivaldi conducted a comprehensive strategic brand analysis. This included auditing the brand promise, analyzing customer behaviors and market trends, and reviewing competitors’ dynamics. Using their identity-driven brand strategy framework, Vivaldi identified positioning routes, short-term activation opportunities, and challenges to develop a compelling and differentiating strategic brand platform. Additionally, Vivaldi conducted a management workshop with top-level representatives from Philips to incorporate different stakeholder perspectives. The result was a new vision for Philips that answered the fundamental question of why the brand exists: “Improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation.” Vivaldi’s contributions laid the analytical foundation for the global brand appearance, messaging architecture, and subsequent marketing and advertising campaigns.