Upcoming Vivaldi Events

Upcoming Vivaldi Events

As AI revolutionizes the way we work and businesses can create value, Vivaldi is committed to equipping leaders with the knowledge and strategies for successful growth and reinvention using AI —and to leverage this technology far beyond productivity gains into impact on their business and innovation.

That’s why we’ve curated sessions that provide actionable insights for employing AI solutions to reinvent core elements of your business, to drive innovation and growth in your organization.

Join us as industry experts and Vivaldi consultants share their expertise on topics such as:

  • How AI can creating substantial value for your business
  • How strategy, branding, innovation in marketing are revamped by AI
  • How businesses are leveraging AI for innovating new business models
  • What leadership will look like in the age of AI and how to think about developing it

Engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain insights from expert panels, and immerse yourself in interactive sessions designed to unlock the potential of AI. See you there!

Reinventing Leadership in the age of AI: A Leader’s Dilemma

Tuesday, April 30th 5:30PM EDT  (In-Person, IESE Business School, NYC)

AI is disrupting entire industries – and is confronting us with big questions about how to lead organizations through change.

  • How do we innovate and transform organizations in the age of AI?
  • How do we collaborate not just with humans but also with AI?
  • How does leadership look in this new era and what will it take to succeed? How can we lead organizations through this time of redefining how we do work?
  • What are key leadership qualities and models of the future? What model is uniquely your own?
  • How do we begin to transform our organizations and leaders to prepare for this future?

Join a panel of industry and academic experts for a lively discussion on emerging leadership models, the future outlook for leadership development – and what this might mean for your organization. RSVP here.

Panelists will include: 

Caroline Hanke, SVP People and Culture, SAP Americas; Vildan Oenpeker Cerci, Global Strategic Projects, SVP consumer Brands/GM/CMO Henkel; Michelle Blieberg, CHRO, Global Holdings Management (former senior talent officer at WarnerMedia and UBS); and Eric Chen, SVP, North America Data and Analytics, IT and Business Services at Unilever

Moderators: Anne Olderog, Senior Partner, Vivaldi; Prof. Annaloes Raes, IESE; and Prof. Mike Rosenberg, IESE

Leveraging AI as an Exponential Growth Engine

Thursday, May 9th at 5:00 PM EDT (In-Person, NYC)

Is AI going to replicate some of the existing steps in brand, marketing and innovation – or is it going to offer a completely new way to go about these? Join for some provocative thoughts on how AI can help reinvent the way brand strategy, innovation and marketing are done – with some examples of what is already being done in leading organizations, and what is the next frontier.

Take part in a lively discussion, interactive debate and networking reception in our NYC office. Email us at to learn more!

AI Breakfast: Meet us at our HQ in New York

Wednesday, June 5th 8:30AM EDT (In-Person, NYC)

Join us for a dynamic breakfast event series at our New York Flatiron headquarters, where we’ll focus on the imperative of adapting to the swift pace of AI advancements for business growth and innovation. This session will zero in on best-in-class AI applications in business that go beyond mere productivity enhancements to drive substantial growth and business reinvention. We’ll go far beyond discussion of productivity gains, explore latest news, cutting-edge AI strategies and their power to open new revenue streams, redefine experiences, and reinvent business models.

This is a monthly event and an invaluable opportunity for curious industry leaders to keep pace with the changes, connect, share insights, and lead the charge in harnessing AI for the future of their business. Don’t miss out on shaping the next wave of AI-driven business success with Vivaldi.

Email us at to learn more!

Past Events

Vivaldi Event - AI as a Tool for Business Reinvention

Wednesday, April 10th at 12PM EDT / 6PM CET (Virtual)

Join us for a provocative session on the transformative potential of  AI in reinventing businesses, categories and industries. Led by Anne Olderog and  Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler, veterans in brand-led growth and new business models powered by new tech, the session will discuss how to think about AI not just as a productivity tool, but as a way to solve new problems, find new ways of doing things and create new revenue streams.