Platform Strategy

Craft a robust, interconnected system that seamlessly integrates your brand's platform opportunities with cutting-edge technology, data, and new business models.

Compete in the Platform Economy with Vivaldi’s Platform Strategy

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with a comprehensive digital platform strategy? At Vivaldi, we’re here to guide, support, and empower clients as they transition into the realm of platform businesses. Our multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers, tech gurus and marketers collaborates seamlessly to provide a tailored experience that not only conceptualizes but brings to life a robust digital platform strategy.

Beyond Ideation: A Seamless Journey to Execution: Creating a platform business is more than just conceptualizing an idea. It’s about deeply understanding consumer behaviors and disrupting industry norms to craft a seamless experience. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and developing insights that drive meaningful interactions and value creation for your end customers.

Unearthing Insights for Strategic Direction: We begin by diving deep into your business landscape and data. What has been done, and more importantly, what remains unexplored? Our comprehensive analysis delves into data, customer motivations, decision-making processes, and sharing behaviors. These insights form the bedrock of a powerful digital platform and data strategy.

Crafting  Strategic Collaborations: Collaboration is key. Through Unconventional Wisdom, we work together as a unified team. We document customer journeys, identify essential tasks, and pinpoint growth opportunities. By fostering a playful yet strategic approach, we inspire innovation that resonates with your audience and industry.

Strategic Go-to-Market Approach: Launching your platform requires meticulous planning. We determine the optimal approach – whether it’s setting the bar high and soaring or starting at ground level. Our focus lies in structuring a launch that makes an impact, ensuring your platform strategy gains the attention it deserves.

Bringing Concepts to Life: With a deep understanding of customer needs and industry dynamics, we translate concepts into tangible experiences. This stage is marked by collaborative efforts, weaving influential feedback into every facet of our creative process. The result? A vivid depiction of what your platform looks like, how it feels, and where it thrives.

From Vision to Market Reality: Executing your platform strategy involves more than ideas—it’s about tangible transformation. Our creative and digital studio partners with you to transform your vision into reality. From packaging to immersive experiences, we ensure every element aligns with your new product vision and resonates with your audience.

Seize the Future with Vivaldi’s Platform Strategy

Empowering Strategic Shifts: Ready to make strategic shifts that redefine your business? Vivaldi offers comprehensive workshops that distill our expertise into actionable steps. Our Platform Strategy Workshops guide leadership teams through a step-by-step approach, enhancing your understanding of ecosystem participants, defining a solid platform strategy, and formulating a roadmap for successful implementation.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential: Elevate your brand’s potential in the platform economy. Contact us today to explore how Vivaldi’s Platform Strategy Workshops can shape your brand’s trajectory in the digital age. Unlock new realms of growth, engagement, and innovation.