How We Levitated Whisky With Sound

'The Finishing Touch'

Glenfiddich 21 is finished in Caribbean rum casks, giving the liquid a unique colour, flavour and energy. We needed to raise awareness by dramatising its innovative story: Raised in Scotland, Roused in the Caribbean.

In 'The Finishing Touch', we combined two of our audience's passions: music and tech, to create something that had never been seen before. Working with a Scottish orchestra and a Caribbean singer, we created a performance that personified the very essence of the expression. As they played, sound waves passed through the whisky, creating a dramatic visual metaphor for bringing the whisky to life. The film ended with a world first - a drop of whisky levitating through the power of the singer's voice.

The Finishing Touch was the most engaged with and viewed content in the brand's history, with over 8 million views and coverage in the Daily Mail and Mashable.

Have you ever seen whisky levitate? Now you can, thanks to cymatics.


Meet The Expert

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Stephen Firth

Senior Partner and Managing Director

Stephen Firth is the original founder and Managing Director of Gravity Thinking in London, now part of the Vivaldi family. Specialising in digital marketing and communications, Stephen established an award-winning creative agency working with some of the world’s leading brands including Hyundai, Disney and Allianz.