Embracing Uniqueness: How We Used Trolling To Launch The Hyundai Kona

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The Challenge

The world’s largest integrated automobile company produced an all–new KONA and reached out to Vivaldi for assistance in creating content for publicizing their new product. A strategic approach was initiated for the roll out to be as successful as possible with pressure to consolidate the brands message.

The Opportunity

Vivaldi Group provided Hyundai with a unique marketing strategy that will entice individualists into exploring the possibilities of KONA. Our network of poets, influencers, and researchers tackled the creation of online content with delight and originality.

The Outcome

Vivaldi Group and the Hyundai team successfully promoted KONA’s message of individuality while delivering positive rebukes to online trolls. This campaign highlighted the impact of silver linings while attaching this mentality to Hyundai’s product.

"Stand Out"

The All-New KONA is different. It’s Hyundai’s first BSUV, with a brave, bold design and an attitude which attracts non-conformists; real women who go against the grain and are unafraid to be themselves. But as we all know, individuality comes at a cost. When you stand out, you attract as much love as you do hate. With the launch of KONA, we wanted to rise above the hate and own our individuality. And how did we do this? By tackling an issue that our audience can relate to: online trolling.

In our launch campaign, Stand Out, we worked with performance Poet Vanessa Kissule to create a series of films to counteract negative comments. Teaming up with three bold influencers, we read out hateful comments they had received and gave them a positive spin with a confident, poetic rebuke.

The campaign not only empowered others to be themselves, but to celebrate their individuality. Because after all, it’s better to Stand Out than draw no opinion at all.

KONA By Hyundai - Stand Out
“Here's To Kicking Back At Those Trolls And Standing Up For What You Believe In”
— Rock n Roll Bride