Times of India’s Star FLOW with Vivaldi Founder & CEO

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This past February, our CEO Erich Joachimsthaler spoke at The Times of India’s Star FLOW  — The Change FestivalIn addition to speaking at the ‘The New Brand Model — Are you Creating Brands or Consumers?’ session, Erich also led a session on ‘Brand Architecture: How Brands and New Business Models Create Sustainable New Growth. See below for some excerpts from highlights from Erich’s speech and media coverage of the event: 

 “While earlier the brand architecture was confined to a world of walls characterized by production, marketing, design, and research, now it is more about the world of web characterized by producers and consumers.” 

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“We live in the world I call, the world of webs, the world of networks, the world of connectivity. It’s changing the way you think about brand.” 

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“Branding is two pieces of work – Firstly, brand strategy – what you want to be known for and aspire to be. And then, brand architecture – all the things that come under strategy – the products, strategy among other things. ‘How is branding really evolving and how has it been changing?'”

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