Leveraging AI for Exponential Growth: Key Takeaways from Our Recent AI

Earlier this month, we hosted a dynamic discussion in our New York offices on how AI can reinvent brand strategy, innovation, and marketing. Vivaldi Senior Partner Anne Olderog, along with senior consultant  and consultant , led an insightful conversation and shared real-world examples from leading organizations, highlighting both current implementations and the next frontier in AI-driven strategies.

The event underscored the transformative potential of AI and provided valuable insights into how organizations can harness its power for exponential growth. Here are four key takeaways to consider as you leverage AI for your strategic initiatives:

1. Strategy is Not Dead, But It Is Evolving

In the age of AI, strategy requires greater precision and flexibility. Traditional methods are being augmented by AI’s ability to analyze massive amounts of data, enabling more nuanced and adaptive strategies. This evolution allows companies to pivot quickly and capitalize on emerging trends with unparalleled accuracy.

Strategy is not dead –  it may just be the last thing remaining standing in the world of AI” – Anne Olderog, Senior Partner at Vivaldi 

2. Competitive Strategy Is About Creating Opportunities in the Interaction Economy

Rather than simply competing, modern competitive strategy focuses on creating market opportunities and leveraging interactions. AI enables companies to identify and exploit new niches, driving innovation and growth. By understanding and anticipating market dynamics, companies can stay ahead of the curve and drive industry change.

3. AI Is Transforming Every Function of the Firm

AI’s impact is ubiquitous, necessitating new skills and capabilities across all business functions. From marketing and sales to supply chain management and customer service, AI is reshaping how firms operate. Companies must invest in training and development to equip their teams with the expertise needed to thrive in an AI-driven landscape. Discover Vivaldi’s AI Model prioritizing value creation below and explore its further here.

4. AI Is Creating New Categories and Eliminating Traditional Functions

AI is not just enhancing existing processes; it is also creating entirely new categories while rendering some traditional functions obsolete. For example, coding and research are increasingly being automated, allowing human talent to focus on more strategic and creative endeavors. Embracing these changes can lead to innovative products and services that set companies apart from their competitors.

Find photo highlights from the event below. We were thrilled to discuss the latest advancements in the world of business and brands with like-minded industry leaders. The exchange of ideas and experiences was truly inspiring, and we look forward to continuing these conversations as we navigate the exciting future of AI in business. To stay informed about our upcoming events and gain further insights into our AI strategy models, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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