Gen-Z Insights: Is Your Brand Ready To Take On The Next Generation?

With incredibly high expectations for brands, Gen-Z is a generation of competitive “aspirationalists.” Defined as those born between the mid-Nineties and late Aughts, this group will soon outgrow all previous generations, not to mention, the most ethnically and culturally diverse generation to date. Beyond these impressive statistics, Gen-Z’s upbringing contextualizes a generational narrative remarkably unique from preceding groupsGen-Z has begun influencing the purchasing behaviors of people of all ages and incomes, and is reframing the way people consume and relate to brands.  We’ve identified 5 key Gen-Z insights that will help your brand unlock growth opportunities, they revolve around the following values: Access Over Ownership, Hyper-Personalization, Anchored In Ethics, Seamless Experiences and Capturing Attention.

Businesses will need to make shifts to become more integrated to engage Gen-Z. Approaches to strategy, product usage, consumer relationships, customer experience and communication will need to evolve from sales-led, transactional and siloed to consumer-led, valuable and interactive.

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Meet The Expert

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Thomas Ajello

Senior Partner, Global Chief Creative & Digital Officer

Tom Ajello is Vivaldi's Global CCO. Tom believes in the power of design and technology as a force for building value. He thrives in the middle of what can be done and what will be done, relishing the idea of inspiring the people around him with the seduction of real invention. Today, he leads Vivaldi’s creative vision by collaborating with the firm’s leadership team to ensure our wide range of branding, business consulting, product design, service design, and communications capabilities are equally grounded in creativity, strategy, and technology.