AI & The Future of Innovation

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The World Economic Forum kicks off in Davos Switzerland on Monday, January 15, 2024. WEF 2024, under the theme “Rebuilding Trust,” addresses the vital intersection of technology, business, and society.

Vivaldi is reporting live from this year’s event, as the big brains at Davos take on, “Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society.”

From January 15-19 the Vivaldi team will distill what you need to know from Davos and discuss the potential implications for your business across these topics…

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January 17th

  1. This sums it up for me:

    Shared by the Mayo Clinic CEO at Davos today! 🌐💡

    “We have over 200 engineers in AI at the Mayo Clinic. And their job is within the clinical departments—walk around with our patients, walk with our physicians so that they can identify the problems and solve for them together.”

    To me, it’s obvious AI isn’t this big monster to be feared, but an invaluable asset in the problem-solving journey. Integrating AI directly into clinical processes showcases its collaborative power in healthcare, but also across industries.

    VIVALDI_ is covering Davos all week. Check out the latest insights from Erich Chris Ben in addition to #VivaldiDavos

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    Chloe Monson |


    1. Good stuff. Check out this article, though from 2023, has a good summary of Top 11 Use Cases in #healthcare.

      R.R. |
    2. For any Healthcare system not to be taking AI seriously in 2024 seems to me to be a huge strategic error – and the cost of later catchup will be far worse than an initial investment

      J.M. |

  2. So far, these are my learnings from the WEF2024 with regard to our future with AI:

    The only constant is change. For all industries.

    What are the most important skills?

    • Maximum open-mindedness for new technologies
    • Willingness to keep learning, because the half-life of what you learn is getting shorter and shorter
    • Thinking very critically and not blindly relying on the output of AI
    • Creativity is king

    None of this is new, but it has never been as important as it is today and all the bright minds whose presentations I have followed repeat this in their own words over and over again like a mantra.

    #vivaldidavos #WEF2024

    Christine Kikisch |

January 16th

  1. “No dictionary will tell you the difference between complete and finished, but I will. If you use AI, you will be complete, if you don’t then you will be finished, if you don’t and ignore it, you will be completely finished.”

    — Emirati Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence Omar Al-Olama

    Today’s sessions at #WEF24 sounded a compelling call to action, urging organizations worldwide to delve into the profound implications of AI, both in the present and the future. The dynamic technology is swiftly reshaping the innovation ecosystem, fundamentally altering how businesses innovate.

    How are you currently witnessing the application of AI in the innovation process?

    Our Perspective: Businesses should focus on creating clear strategies on integrating AI into the innovation process, to tackle the challenges that are more technical and labor intensive in nature, freeing up employees to work on more human and creative solutioning. 🚀💡

    Chloe Monson |


    1. I was very impressed today by the data showing that ai has the impact potential to double the rate real innovation in most industries. This technology will be a real game changer

      M.M. |
    2. I discovered the work of @gianni giacomelli

      The work at MIT really changes innovation in so many ways, how to get better ideas by harnessing the collective intelligence of networks of people. Great work and it shows the future of AI.

      E.J. |

January 15th

  1. What topics are you hoping to hear discussed at this years World Economic Forum? 🌐

    2024’s WEF kicked off in Davos today and among the key areas of focus this year is “Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society.” 🤖💼

    Given the explosion in Generative AI use cases this year, the implications for businesses and brands are vast. 🚀

    Stay tuned as Vivaldi discusses key moments at Davos throughout the week!🗣️

    #VivaldiDavos #WEF24 #AIInnovation #DavosDialogues #OpinionMatters

    Chloe Monson |


    1. By now, I participated in a number of sessions. Nearly all executives speak about the importance of AI. What I like to see is the actual practice of companies, even if they are early experiments with no final results. Today, I heard L’Oreal speak about a great example of using the decades of data on beauty and structuring them to make them useful for AI. This is an example of a nice actual practice that goes in the right direction. #loreal #lorealgroupe

      E.J. |
      1. The use of AI to accelerate shared value creation on Hyperledger platforms, serving the underserved economy and bridging the digital divide.

        D.M. |
    2. Don’t forget the explosion of AI within healthcare from technology to care pathways – now that will impact any economy regardless of size

      J.M. |
    3. We hear a lot about competition in the AI space driving the evolution of this powerful but dangerous industry. It would be great to hear what’s being done to drive collaboration between companies and between countries to optimize expansion – and strike a balance of speed and safety for this tremendous innovation

      P.D. |
    4. At this year’s WEF, while exploring #AI for business and innovation, I’m hopeful it’ll tackle major consumer and societal issues, without adding to our existing concerns. We have enough to manage already.

      R.R. |

  2. “CEO’s are looking at this technology as a necessity to stay competitive, we need to make sure everybody has the right to innovate, not that just a few companies have the right to innovate.”

    Wow what a start to #Davos #WEF24… Cristiano R. Amon , from Qualcomm’s rallying cry to “keep AI platforms open” to protect the “innovation based economy”.

    I love the perspective that it democratises innovation but this may be worrying for major players who may be disrupted if not reinventing now!

    Watching “Generative AI: Steam Engine of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?” World Economic Forum was a great start to my day…brilliant panel. Omar Sultan AlOlama insight on upskilling the #uae is also something every business and country can learn from!

    Follow VIVALDI_ for more in-depth coverage and discussion of AI’s transformative role, exclusive updates and analysis straight from Davos.

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    Jane Hovey |


    1. Absolutely, the push for open AI platforms at #Davos #WEF24 is a game-changer! But let’s not forget, innovation isn’t just about having cool tech. It thrives in workplaces where mistakes are stepping stones, and learning on the job is the norm. It’s like having the ingredients for a gourmet dish but needing a chef who’s not afraid to experiment with the recipe. Pace of change is so fast, companies need to be in it for a long haul.

      Omar Sultan AlOlama’s insights on upskilling? A vital reminder that it’s not just about the tools, but also about empowering the hands that wield them.

      R.R. |

  3. As we eagerly anticipate the WEF 2024 session “Generative AI: Steam Engine of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?” at Davos tomorrow, it’s time to reflect on the transformative potential of Generative AI in the business world.

    Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, called AI more significant than electricity in mid-2023. With over 35% of businesses already harnessing AI, and 90% viewing it as a competitive lever, it’s clear that we’re on the brink of a major shift.

    Azeem Azhar’s insights liken AI adoption to the Internet’s rise, noting a stark difference in executive attitudes towards these technologies. Unlike the hesitant adoption of the Internet by the ’90s executives, today’s C-suite is actively embracing AI.

    This brings us to the crux of the matter. At Vivaldi, we’re convinced that major dialogues, like those at the World Economic Forum, are crucial in shaping the future of businesses. The need for change is evident, as highlighted in Alix Partners’ 2023 Disruption Report: 98% of C-level executives acknowledge the need for transformation within three years, yet 85% are uncertain about the starting point.

    We invite you to share your thoughts:

    How can generative AI act as a catalyst for business and brand reinvention?

    In what ways can business leaders integrate #AI into their strategic vision and plans?

    What lessons can be learned from the initial hesitance towards the Internet and how can we apply these to AI adoption?

    Share your insights and join us in exploring the exciting possibilities of AI in business reinvention. #VivaldiDavos #GenerativeAI #BusinessTransformation #WEF2024

    Vivaldi |