Unlocking B2B Marketing Opportunities Despite Common Challenges

The B2B landscape is facing a paradigm shift from business to business to human to human. We identify the 5 key challenges businesses need to overcome to unlock marketing opportunities.

The 5 key challenges B2B marketers need to overcome:

Uniform Offering: What is your company’s purpose and how is your firm really perceived by customers? 86% of B2B buyers do not perceive a real difference in supplier offerings. To stand out from the competitive landscape, B2B companies should go beyond price and offer a differentiated and valuable positioning and offering.

Unclear Marketing Effectiveness: How do you prove the return on your marketing efforts? While 53% of B2B marketers fail at measuring the output of their activities, implementing a marketing performance measurement system is essential to not only justify marketing expenditures, but to identify successful (as well as failing) marketing tactics and change marketing accordingly.

Incoherent User Experience: Is your brand’s appearance coherent and consistent throughout all channels, and do you provide the right content to your customers at the right time and place? Gone are the days when having a consistent and optimized brand and user experience is simply an additional benefit. Today, B2B buyers expect it at every touchpoint. To drive conversion and B2B marketing opportunities, it is crucial for companies to have a seamless and compelling experience.

Outdated Business Models: Is your business offering two-way value creation and interaction between your stakeholders? The conventional pipeline model is being challenged: by 2025, 30% of the world economy will be platform-based. Platform-based businesses are a great opportunity for B2B companies to grow by being more customer-centric and therefore more competitive. In addition, they enable companies to collect new and valuable data from customers, which can turn into valuable insights and further growth.

Internal Silo-Thinking: Are your marketing and sales goals aligned? Companies with loosely cooperating marketing and sales teams lead to inefficiency, worse customer experience, and less success. To ensure that these departments’ goals are aligned, a successful strategy is crucial to optimally guide the departments’ daily activities.

In our report, Vivaldi brand-building experts share winning approaches to tackle these challenges to unlock growth opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more, reach the team at hello@vivaligroup.com.

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Markus Zinnbauer is a Senior Partner and the head of Vivaldi’s analytics practice. He brings deep and practical expertise in quantitative methods and brand management strategy.