What You Need to Know from This Year’s World Economic Forum

In the serene backdrop of the Swiss Alps, next week the town of Davos transforms into a hub of global innovation and foresight. The World Economic Forum 2024, under the theme “Rebuilding Trust,” will address the vital intersection of technology, business, and society.  Vivaldi, a leader in brand and business reinvention, will be at the forefront, delving into the theme “Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society”. Our presence is poised to cut through the complexity of AI, unpacking its role as a dynamic force in the global economy and business and providing critical insights and comprehensive analyses.

AI’s Economic Impact

AI’s ascension from concept to cornerstone is quantifiable. PwC projects AI could add a monumental $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, a testament to its transformative capability. This projection splits into $6.6 trillion from productivity enhancements and $9.1 trillion from consumer impacts. Vivaldi will highlight economic impact on consumers, businesses, industries and categories.

The Imperative for Business Reinvention

A staggering 85% of CEOs recognize the need for their business to undergo major changes in the next 3 years, according to KPMG. However, the path to transformation often seems nebulous. Vivaldi will gather insights from Davos that will help illuminate the path of business reinventionemphasizing AI’s role in driving business strategy, innovation and operational efficiency. The journey of reinvention through technology is laden with potential. AI and machine learning have enabled firms to achieve up to 50% cost reductions in operational areas (Deloitte). Vivaldi will highlight case studies and strategies that epitomize this shift, guiding CEOs on harnessing AI for substantial growth and scalability.

Aligning Customer, Technology, and Business

In today’s  economy, alignment between customer needs, technology, and business objectives is key. Vivaldi highlights customer experience that impact brands as the primary driver of technology investment. We will focus on AI’s role in this alignment, demonstrating how businesses can use AI to analyze customer data, build strong brands, enhance customer experiences, power anticipatory ecommerce, and drive customer satisfaction.

Leveraging Technology for Business Model Innovation

AI is the cornerstone of the next industrial revolution. In retail, AI-driven hyper-personalization strategies have led more valuable brands, and to appreciable impact on sales. Vivaldi’s coverage will explore AI’s transformative power in creating agile and customer-centric business models, delivering value in unprecedented ways.

AI in business and its impact on consumers will be the red-hot topic at Davos 2024. As we journey through the intricacies of AI and its role in the economy, business and society, Vivaldi stands committed to equipping leaders with the knowledge and strategies needed for effective growth and business reinvention. Follow us closely next week and thereafter for practical examples, insights and strategies in leveraging AI effectively.

Together, let’s embrace and shape the future that will be discussed at Davos 2024, and share insights, and practical action steps toward successful brand and business reinvention. Join us, as we embrace and lead the future of global business in the age of AI.

Vivaldi is reporting live from this year’s event, as the big brains at Davos take on, “Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society.” follow our coverage here