Mauricio Andujar


Mauricio Andujar Photo

Mauricio Andujar is a Partner based in Lima, Peru. Mauricio works with the Vivaldi Leadership Team to bring to life strategic work, through venture, service and product design.

Mauricio believes that all ideas, concepts, and hypotheses need to be tested in a real context.

Prior to joining Vivaldi, Mauricio co-founded and led the growth of LIQUID, a LATAM based innovation and transformation hub, that has worked with industry leading corporations, as well as incubated and accelerated the growth of startups, working closely with entrepreneurs/founders through a services for equity model.

In the past 4 years, Mauricio designed, raised capital, and launched LIQUID’s Venture Studio model, working with entrepreneurs in digital tech-based startups, that were designed, from the start, as platform models. A significant portion of this portfolio are startups in the health/wellness territory. Mauricio truly believes that this experience can be translated into the corporate world.

Mauricio holds a BSBA in Business from University of Florida. Moreover, Mauricio holds an Innovation Specialization from Kellogg. Additionally, Mauricio designed and served as Program Director for the Executive Innovation Program at UTEC in Lima, Peru for over 4 years.

Mauricio also founded and acted as President of the Board at SHIFT, a nonprofit association that promotes and improves the conditions for innovation in Peru to happen; composed of corporations, universities, consulting companies as well as multilateral organizations and government entities.