Larry Lucas

Senior Partner

Larry Lucas Photo

Larry Lucas is a Senior Partner at Vivaldi. He brings over twenty years of experience in brand management and helping his clients achieve their growth objectives through practical, actionable marketing. Larry has helped his clients build portfolio growth strategies, brand positioning, customer experience strategy, new product concept creations, as well as broader organizational marketing capability development.

Previously, Larry worked as a partner in a strategic, brand marketing consulting firm, where he led client engagements across beverage, food, consumer durables and multiple industrial sectors. Key assignments included being a strategic advisor to Brunswick Marine, leading the CVS Store brand portfolio strategy initiative, creating the organic growth strategy for BASF North America and developing the Kellogg School of Management’s fundraising campaign and overall brand strategy.

Larry has also led client engagements for SABMiller, Alcoa, and others during his time at other consultancies. Larry began his career at Clairol and as Group Brand Director, led the resurgence of the Herbal Essences® hair/skin care franchise and was responsible for developing the worldwide brand strategy and identifying the strategic drivers to reach $1 billion in sales.

Challenges He's Taken on Recently

  • Creating a new apparel brand that puts the power back in the hands of consumers
  • Building a Latin American dairy brand vision and innovation platform
  • Developing the strategic marketing roadmap and capability building pilots for the global marine leader
  • Creating the growth strategy for a new, 'green' metals product brand