Why TV Still Makes Sense for E-Commerce Brands

According to this article in Advertising Age, In the current market climate, the assumption would be that a company like Stitch Fix, an online personal shopping service, would devote the entirety of its marketing efforts to digital, social and ultimately viral marketing. The company is young and growing, but as our CEO and Founder here at Vivaldi, Erich Joachimstaler commented, “In the apparel and fashion retail business, it’s just extremely hard to keep that momentum because the competition is so intense. You have to show those growth rates.”

In order to continuing growing at a sustainable rate, Stich Fix, is looking to engage with a more main stream consumer base. They are planning on releasing three 30 second TV advertisements to highlight their styling services and unique capabilities. The only way for them to compete with staple companies like Macy’s and J.Crew as well as established e-commerce giants like bonobos, is to enter the mainstream, and strongly differentiate themselves. These new TV adds will coincide with recent developments, as they have added men’s apparel to their repertoire and are working on adding plus-sized apparel as well. The idea is to grow the company from the insight out to establish it in the mainstream, with an IPO looming.

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