How Technology is Changing Education

We were invited by Jaime Sotomayor, host of the podcast “Innovación Sin Barreras” (Innovation Without Barriers) to talk about the future of education.

From the host:
In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Anne Olderog, senior partner at Vivaldi, one of the most internationally recognized consulting firms. Together, we analyzed the current education system, its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Thanks to Anne, we discovered how various technologies and artificial intelligence are changing the education sector, completely revolutionizing the educational system as we know it.

A highlight of the interview is when Anne expresses that we are still using the same system from the Victorian era. She invites us to compare whether we now know much more about the human brain compared to those times and questions why we continue to educate ourselves in the same way. Times change, technologies advance, but our system remains the same. It is definitely time to change this situation in favor of education.

Join us in this great episode of “Innovación Sin Barreras”!