Writing the Next Chapter

In a technology-driven world where change is the only constant, Vivaldi is a global strategy consulting firm single-mindedly focused on keeping our clients ahead of the game.

We started in 1999 as a firm focused on brand leadership – today we are a global strategic consulting firm with four complementary businesses serving a full range of client needs. With a founder who literally wrote the book on brand strategy, we’re excited to continue writing the next chapter in business and brands.


A consulting firm that solves our clients' toughest business challenges at the intersection between strategy, brand, and technology.

Drawing from decades of experience and insight into successful brand management and business strategy, our strategic arm produces actionable plans to help our clients achieve the most fundamental of business goals – growth.

A creative boutique that orchestrates and produces innovative, engaging, branded experiences.

Our team of designers, digital strategists, and implementation experts work directly with our consulting group to create distinctive identities and engaging brand experiences, manifesting deeper connections between our clients and their audiences.

An organizational development firm that builds the capabilities of leaders in the areas of brand management, innovation, strategy, and marketing.

Our organizational development firm creates structured programs to advance companies’ marketing capabilities – designed to implement the brand-led transformation recommended by our Vivaldi Partners consulting teams, or developed as standalone, customized programs to build specific competencies, processes, tools or organizations.

A firm built on research, analytics, data, and technology that delivers the critical insights that drive innovation and growth.

Comprised of experienced data scientists, market researchers, and advanced analytics experts, our team combines a range of analytical techniques and new technologies with a deep understanding of customers, markets, and business dynamics to support fact-based decision-making for our clients.

Our Expertise