Ensuring Sustainable Growth For A Global Energy Provider

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The Challenge

BayWa r.e., a global renewable energy leader, grapples with growth challenges, internally and externally. Diversification, inconsistency, and market limitations prompted acollaboration with Vivaldi Group to help enhance their market approach and governance.

The Opportunity

To integrate and coordinate both challenges, Vivaldi crafted a flexible global marketing blueprint and launched an internal engagement program, aligning global synergies for fostering a more efficient global collaboration.

The Outcome

Through this collaboration, BayWa r.e. achieved a consistent global market approach and boosted employee satisfaction. Vivaldi's project won the "Best of Consulting" Award from WirtschaftsWoche, a top German business magazine.

Navigating Growing Pains In A Global Organization

Headquartered in Munich, BayWa r.e. is a leading global renewable energy developer, service supplier, distributor, and energy solutions provider, with locations in 29 countries and revenues topping 3.5 billion Euros.

Due to the rapid organic and acquisitive global growth of BayWa r.e., the establishment of new business units, and the increased heterogeneity of the organizational structure, the company was experiencing significant growing pains.

Externally, these were caused by a lack of consistency and impact of the market approach. Internally, the cause was the steadily increasing heterogeneity of the global organization. Vivaldi’s expertise was called upon to help professionalize the market approach and organizational governance.

Two Challenges, One Integrated Approach

The key to success for the project was the integrated and coordinated solution of two challenges. To professionalize the market approach (market/ customer perspective), Vivaldi developed a marketing strategy blueprint on a global level which was then translated flexibly yet consistently for individual markets. This reduced governance efforts of decentralized entities and fostered global synergies in market development for a more efficient global collaboration.

To address the internal challenges (organizational/ employee perspective), an internal engagement program was developed and rolled out based on the needs of the workforce for a standardized and sustainable global management principle in line with the objective “One BayWa r.e.” Both project strands were fully integrated for maximum synergies.

As a result of the project, BayWa r.e. achieved a consistent market approach with flexibility in its global implementation and adaptation. Employees identified more strongly with strategic directives and were more motivated in their implementation. Significant synergies in market cultivation were achieved globally and across all entities, and the management effort in marketing was reduced. All in all, BayWa r.e. was made fit for the future in terms of its market position and prepared for further growth.

Vivaldi’s project was awarded first place in the “Best of Consulting” Award by WirtschaftsWoche, the leading weekly business magazine in Germany.

“The Vivaldi team was an enormous help for us to collectively manage the increased complexity in various divisions, make us fit for the future, and to professionally position our dynamic company internationally.”
— Stephan Meyer, Director of Marketing & Communications