Inga Folta

Associate Creative Director

Inga believes Platform Thinking is the future of business, and has devoted her career to helping build companies and brands that impact the world through creative design. She creates and designs with the full ecosystem in mind and considers how companies can benefit from multi-sided marketplaces, new work collaboration environments or a true sharing society, based on a higher purpose.

Dedicated to brand building and creative concepting, with specialties in graphic design and experience, Inga has created exceptional brand identities, marketing creative, product, service and next-level customer experiences for clients across industries. Her client portfolio includes American Express, Bud Light, Ritani, Ritzenoff, Cognizant, and SThree.

Inga holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts, and has worked in Vivaldi’s New York and London offices. She is inspired by pop culture and design trends, and is driven by her passion for brand identity design.

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Inga Folta - Vivaldi Associate Creative Director

Challenges taken on recently

  • Positioning the Ritzenhoff brand as a leader in the field by developing a corporate identity that illustrated its modern and streamlined technology.
  • Creating a new visual identity system for a retailer seeking to stay in consideration with the next generation.
  • Testing a range of options to identify Bud Light’s way into the exploding hard seltzer category.

Likes to talk about

  • Design and experience-driven packaging
  • World-changing startups
  • Food truck business

Is reading or listening to

  • “Living with Complexity” by Donald A. Norman
  • “Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture” by Elizabeth Semmelhack
  • “Helvetica / Objectified / Urbanized: The Complete Interviews” — Gary Hustwit