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We are one of the largest independent growth and digital innovation firms. Our strategic approach helps build strong brands, create brand architecture, drive disruptive innovation, and establish platform businesses that operate at the speed of business today.


Technology is changing demand, industries, and categories. We dive deep into customer behavior and culture, identify new sources of demand, and develop the products, services, and experiences that connect with your customer at the deepest level.


Our collaborative team works at the intersection of analytics, brand strategy, experience design and technology to help our clients build capabilities, organizations, and experiences that scale exponentially and deliver new growth in rapidly changing markets.


Episode 6: Developing a New Disruption Theory, with Tom Goodwin

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This week on The Business of Platforms, our new podcast series

Disruptors approach problems from a different point of view, from a customer-centric perspective, and end up fundamentally shifting any given market to another paradigm, and that to Tom Goodwin, Zenith Media’s Head of Innovation, is the nature of digital Darwinism. In conversation with Vivaldi CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Goodwin shares key insights from his recent book Digital Darwinism that captures the most recent and important developments in business, technology, and innovation.

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