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Growth Strategy

We are one of the largest independent growth and digital innovation firms. Our design-thinking approach helps build strong brands, create brand architecture, drive disruptive innovation, and establish platform businesses that operate at the speed of business today.

Demand Focused

Technology changes demand, industries, and categories. We dive deep into customer behavior and culture, identify new sources of demand and develop new products, services and experiences: Strategies and tactics that connect with your customer at the deepest level.


Innovation doesn't drive growth if it never leaves the page. Our collaborative team works at the intersection of analytics, brand strategy, experience design and technology helping our clients build capabilities, organizations, and experiences that scale exponentially and deliver new growth in rapidly changing markets.


Pairing Investment with Passion on the Blockchain


"Many people today are finding that there is more value in experience than ownership and that it is about access to fine things, not just possession of them. At the same time, conventional investments have become uninteresting for the modern generation. That makes meaningful, special assets increasingly desirable and hence valuable. TEND was born out of the opportunities presented by these two trends."

-Marco Abele, founder and CEO of TEND

Our latest case study tells the story of the birth of a blockchain company creating a new investment world, focused on developing a global, relevant, differentiating and ambitious value proposition.

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