Revitalizing the Brand Identity of a Paint Manufacturer

  • Retail
blue paint in can

The Challenge

A world leader in paint manufacturing was looking to rebrand its positioning to create a common look and feel for the brand across its 600+ stores, a new visual identity and consistent brand messaging development.

The Opportunity

To further propel its longstanding reputation as the unrivaled choice in paint manufacturing and ensure its relevancy in a constantly shifting environment, PPG partnered with Vivaldi to rejuvenate its brand

The Outcome

Our strategic partnership enhanced the development of a regional and local-market launch strategy, accelerating the brand’s future growth and strengthening its relationship with their B2B network.

A Brand in Need of Sprucing Up

One of the world’s leading global paint manufacturers PPG approached Vivaldi Group to develop and oversee a revision of the retail branding of their 600+ stores across the US. This rebrand would not only unify store locations in look and feel, but it would create a new brand and visual identity for the professional paint business, rally employees and create a consistent brand message across all brand touch points, including for internal and external launch events.

“Our client took a pragmatic approach to building its retail brand in the highly competitive professional paint market. It’s exciting to work with those who defy their challenger position to take a leadership stance.”
— Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO, Vivaldi

New Look, New Brand

We worked with their team to develop a specific process for developing the new brand strategy starting with business reviews, Vivaldi proprietary Customer First interviews, and visual audits all in service of a new creative strategy that led design, communications plan and the creation of campaign and design standards.

By understanding customer brand perceptions, preferences, needs and expectations as well as existing equities of the many legacy product brands, our team was able to identify the professional paint division’s competitive advantage and the differentiating elements that would reinforce the new positioning of the brand. The Vivaldi design team worked to convey the new brand strategy visually through a new logo and visual identity, while respecting the corporate guidelines of the established corporate identity.

To understand how the brand could come to life in the retail setting, we developed a mobile app that allowed store employees to contribute to a comprehensive store audit of the 600+ retail locations across the US. Understanding in record time the different layouts, signage, and materials needed helped us create a pragmatic, modular approach to rolling out and installing the new look & feel. Vivaldi Group was responsible for included overseeing the fabrication and delivery of the signage that was dispatched and installed in all 600+ stores.

To get the word out about the new brand, we developed a regional and local-market launch strategy and created multiple trade press ads to run in sequence with the external brand launch as well as launch concepts executed by the stores themselves. Finally, we created a brand video for the external brand education effort to educate customers on the changes in the brand and what it meant to them.


The roll-out of the new store design was a success, with a reinvigorated sales force, and an improved customer experience, including expanded store footprints, customer-friendly service counters and advanced color selection tools.