What Happens When…?

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With the lightning-fast pace of change in today’s marketplace, success today does not guarantee success tomorrow. To stay on the leading edge of your industry, you need to cater to consumers’ current demands, while also innovating to meet their future needs.

At Vivaldi, we constantly challenge ourselves to think about the future and the ways human behavior will drive growth not just tomorrow, but five, ten, twenty years from now. By envisioning how emerging trends will spark deep-rooted transformation in the lives of consumers, we’re able to help our clients build forward-thinking brands that will thrive in this future landscapeIn the spirit of future-forward thinking, we invite you to join our Global Trends and Foresight team on Thursday, June 26, for “What Happens When…” Explore the ways in which current consumer trends will affect the future marketplace and how brands can innovate for both today’s and tomorrow’s consumer. Vivaldi Partners’ Philip Ryan and Jennifer Barron will lead a discussion that tackles pressing questions, such as what happens when…

…there are only 7 billion humans but 24 billion connected devices in the world?
…Americans decide that a college degree doesn’t guarantee career success?
value isn’t defined by price alone?

We hope you’ll join us for a fun and interactive discussion that promises to transform how you think about the changes you’re seeing today and those you can expect to see tomorrow.