Tequila sunrise: Inside Patron’s renaissance

Despite its previous reputation of being a party friendly, budget conscious and hangover riddled beverage option, tequila today has managed to reinvent itself. With consumer pallets shifting towards the exotic and premium, tequila is getting more attention than it has ever received before. As competition from other premium tequila brands gets stiffer and the market has shifted towards favoring crafted and artisanal spirits, tequila industry leader, Patrón, is coming up with new ways to make their products pop.

In a conversation with Pulse, Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO at brand consulting firm Vivaldi Partners, explains how the “quality across messaging, product, marketing and distribution has given Patrón the credibility to play in the broader luxury white spirits arena.”

“Its unique positioning as a premium, luxury, high price point brand and tangible brand assets like its unique bottle, have created a perception of art, design, luxury, and premiumness that give meaning to ‘hand-crafted’ or handmade like no other,” he says.

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