Social is More Than Likes, it is About Dimensions

Tnooz uses this article to explore the term we coined here at Vivaldi, “social currency.” By definition, social currency is a quantitative measure of “how effectively brands fit into how consumers manage their social lives in today’s digital and mobile age.” The analysis we completed in order to put this newly coined term to use, was of the airline industry. We examined 11 different airlines and developed a social currency score to rank them by.

Contrary to standard social media metrics which rely on likes, reposts, comments, etc. social currency is a single score built through the analysis of seven dimensions; personal identity, social identity, expression, conversation, affiliation, information and utility. After surveying 18,000 American consumers, the study ranked the airlines in order from highest to lowest social currency; Southwest, American, Delta, JetBlue, United, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Air Canada, Emirates and lastly, British Airways. The hope is that this term and scoring system are applied to a wider range of industries to encourage people to dive deeper than the most simplistic quantifiable figures when it comes to analyzing companies’ social media presence.