Seven Must-Reads of 2014

book, coffee, glasses on white table

It’s been a big year for businesses and brands, and as 2014 draws to a close, we take stock of the impressive thought leadership that has influenced our industry.

If you missed these articles the first time around, here they are for your reading pleasure. We’ve narrowed it down to the seven must-reads before the ball drops:

1. Last January, IBM researchers and advisors wrote about innovation, new patterns and data– an insider view on how their clients took advantage of opportunities generated by the explosion in digital information and tools.

2. James Surowiecki raised the dialogue in the New Yorker about the value of brands in today’s age, – and concluded that brands are ever more powerful and valuable.

3. McKinsey Quarterly explored the power of digital and how it influences strategy – and discussed six critical decisions to be made by CEOs.

4. Brian Solis hit the mark in this report on Digital Darwinism and Digital Transformation. It is NOT about technology but about consumers, a point of view we strongly believe in at Vivaldi Partners.

5. Another HBR piece made the interesting distinction between value-creating and value-capturing innovations – asking ‘what opportunities to capture value are you missing?

6. This landmark study by WOMMA offers the definite proof that the concept of social currency is a powerful driver of sales. (Disclaimer: Vivaldi Partners invented the concept of social currency in 2009 and has studied its impact on brand equity for the last five years.)

7. And Michael Porter rounds off the list with his discussion about a new group of technologies – smart, connected products and how they transform business.

Take it slow and steady – one a day and you’ll be caught up for New Year’s Day.