San Francisco Meets Zürich

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Zürich, Switzerland had an air of Silicon Valley last month as the worldwebforum hosted over 500 executives on the topic of “Digital Transformation & Leadership.” Key executives from companies such as Twitter, Swisscom, RedbareBull, and Paragon held engaging and vigorous presentations about the challenges and opportunities facing brands in today’s digital age. 

As a co-partner of the worldwebforum, Vivaldi Partners Group Founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler opened the event by putting a spotlight on Digital Darwinism and how to win with today’s customer.

Erich pointed out that digital transformation is consumer driven: “It is not technology that changes markets, but people!” With an empowered and always-on consumer, building brands in the digital age has changed fundamentally since the days of traditional marketing approaches. To be successful in the digital age, Erich suggests that brands have to adapt rapidly with a simple objective: solve the consumers’ problems and improve their lives.

Shortly after, the event’s keynote speaker and Co-Founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak, took the stage. In an entertaining panel discussion, Wozniak addressed myths of Apple’s early days and the opportunities and risks in the brand’s new product, the Apple Watch.

The worldwebforum provided some thought-provoking insights and we were honored to participate in the discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities involved in facing digital transformation.