Report: 24% of digital ad budgets go to social media

When the majority of public perception towards brands is influenced by the world wide web, social media plays a chief role in influencing and engaging today’s consumers. As marketers become increasingly cognizant of this important fact, budgets geared towards social media campaigns have grown significantly to an average of 24% of total budgets. However, marketing leaders are wary; social media geared campaigns, or “influencer marketing”, are often underdeveloped and bring little metrical value beyond consumer engagement. In an excerpt below, Erich Joachimsthaler, Founder and CEO of Vivaldi consulting firm, explains why:

“I think marketers are not willing to take the risk of not receiving metrics…At least in my experience when we speak with clients about influencer marketing they roll their eyes saying ‘thanks so much for your promises,’ and it’s very much a hard selling point.”

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