Perfect Gift #3: For the Challenger

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For the Challenger

While millennials know what they like – and what they don’t – they are certainly no stranger to FOMO. What else might be out there waiting for their newfound enjoyment? One-off joys no longer seem to cut it. Instead, the most rewarding experiences can be the ones that take them out of their comfort zones. But it’s not always easy to step into the unknown, and choosing the next endeavor can be daunting. So why not give the millennial in your life their next challenge through instrumental appreciation – perhaps a try at the electric guitar!  For obstacle-chasers looking for their next trial to surmount, this present will surely be music to their ears.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

– Know someone who has dreams of playing the piano or rocking out on the drums? Now’s the time to enroll them in the School of Rock

– Looking for more new skills outside of the studio?  Check out Wyzant to find the perfect online tutor for your recipient’s next endeavor