Perfect Gift #2: For the Self-Improver

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Cooking Class

It can certainly be a bitter pill to swallow, but like the rest of us, even millennials are getting older and starting to face the realities of adulthood. On the plus side, this presents an opportunity for maturity and self-improvement – a chance to hone new skills and pave the way towards full independence and adult responsibility. But the down side of growing up is that these endeavors can too often feel like all work and no play. So what’s the perfect gift for a millennial looking to put the “fun” back in the “fundamentals?” How about the one that can feed their soul and their stomach – with cooking classes from a culinary pro!

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

– Get your loved one started with Short Stack, a single-format cookbook offering ingenious new tactics for the kitchen

– Here’s a recipe for staying organized at home: Ryan McGinness’ 2017 To-Do List Calendar Pad – perfect for grocery planning and tasks of all kinds