Opportunities in Club Store Packaging

CPG companies experience constraints when designing product packaging for a club store. They have their own requirements for size, durability, and even liability insurance aimed at the CPG companies themselves. This has led to the perception that packaging design for club stores is about following rules, rather than the reality, which involves greater creativity and innovation. For example, in-store pallets can be transformed into billboards for the product as they offer designers a large canvas and communicate messaging to consumers. These rules also lend to collaboration opportunities between vendors and buyers on options that aren’t available in traditional CPG packaging since they must work closely together to ensure they follow the policies.

Vivaldi Partner Pete Killian spoke to Branding Times about the importance of vendors and buyers building a strong relationship. “Savvy vendors and buyers work together to develop creative solutions to enhance the member experience: variety packs or exclusive flavors, resealability and even solution/kit packaging – such as Hershey S’Mores kits — are actually improvements over non-club packaging, and ‘break the compromise’ for members between bulk and value.”

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