Why ocean plastic is catching on among eco-conscious fashion brands

A growing trend among fashion brands is the creation of products out of discarded plastic. Adidas, as an example, has now debuted two shoes made from recycle sea waste. Other brands have incorporated plastic into their own supply chains or have formed partnerships with ocean conservancy groups. This strategy works well from both a marketing and sustainability perspective: it allows companies to achieve cause marketing while implementing concrete solutions to help end ocean waste. Brands have even teamed with companies who specialize in repurposing waste, like Aquafil and Bionic Yarn, in order to create garments.

Vivaldi Consultant Jenifer Ekstein offered her view to Glossy on this movement toward eco-consciousness: “Other companies are taking note and see it as a great opportunity, however, it may be used solely as a marketing ploy. For example, H&M has a ‘conscious’ collection that is made from sustainable materials, but by nature of being a fast fashion business, they will never be a sustainable company.” In the case of H&M, their collection is more marketing than true sustainability, showing the need for companies to further incorporate environmental consciousness into their overall brand.

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